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Sustainable Solutions for
a Better Future


Engineering & Management Consulting Services

  • Waste to Energy – Designing, Financing, Commissioning, and Training
  • Tire Recycling – Designing, Financing, Commissioning, and Training
  • Electronics Recycling – Designing, Financing, Commissioning, and Training
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Air Quality Modeling
  • Emissions Modeling
  • Exposure Modeling
  • strategies to Improve Sustainability Rankings
  • Tracking Green House Gases and Management
  • Decarbonization
  • Scope 1, 2, and 3 Carbon Emissions Calculations


Expert Witness Services

Air Quality Modeling

  • Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling (AERMOD, CALPUFF, and Others)
  • Indoor Air Quality Modeling
  • Worker Exposure Modeling
  • Emissions Modeling

Air Quality Monitoring

  • Source Monitoring
  • Ambient Monitoring
  • Workspace Monitoring
  • Indoor Monitoring
  • Exposure Monitoring

Air Quality Management

  • Air Pollution Control
  • Ambient Monitoring
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Alternative Materials
  • Alternative Processes / Production Methods
  • Alternative Operating Conditions


Custom Software Development

  • Environmental Management
  • OSHA Compliance Management
  • Exposure Assessment and Compliance
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Tracking KPls
  • Tracking Greenhouse Gases
  • Tracking Scope 1, 2, and 3


Training and Skill Development

We offer training and skill development for global executives, regulators, policymakers, and graduate/ undergraduate students. Areas of training and skill development include but are not limited to:

  • Environmental Management
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Compliance with Environmental Regulations
  • Climate Change Challenges
  • Clean Technologies
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Auditing


Design of Experiments & Research Services

We offer research services in water, wastewater, soil contamination, solid wastes, and hazardous wastes area.

  • Design of Emissions Measurement Chambers
  • Direct Emissions Measurements
  • Indirect Emissions Measurement through Inverse Dispersion Modeling
  • Emission Factors Development

We offer research services to quantify and model particulates (PM10, PM2.5), particle size distribution, metal analysis, organics, all criteria, and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).


Board Services

We offer Board Services in ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) with emphasis on energy, water, air, solid/hazardous wastes that impact climate, environment, economy, and public health – all aspects of people, planet, prosperity (P3) or environment, economy, and equity (E3).